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Little Venus Studio was born out of a love for beauty & tattoo artistry.

Here we offer a niche service of Lip Blush cosmetic tattooing & Fine Line and Black & Grey feminine body art.

At the studio, we believe in adorning yourself with beautiful art that inspires you to love who you are!

The space has been created to be welcoming, private & calming, to make getting tattooed a beautiful experience whether its Lips or your first tattoo you can feel assured that you will feel comfortable here.

Below you will find information on Fine Line Tattoo bookings & Aftercare as well as detailed Pre Care &

Aftercare instructions for your Lip Blush Procedure.

Hope to see you soon at Little Venus Studio.

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Fine Line & Black/Grey Tattoo

To book a tattoo with our artist Ellianna please follow the following steps:

Message or email me with your design idea, estimated size in cm, placement & include some reference images - be as specific as possible

I will send you a quote for the design based on your description

If you accept the quote we will select a booking time and a $50 non refundable deposit needs to be paid to secure your booking & before I will start working on your design, the deposit will come off your total on the day.

You will receive your draft design for review 24-48 hours before your appointment for any small changes, please note that changing the design significantly will incur additional design fees.

About your appointment:

On the day, it is best to be well rested and make sure to have something to eat & drink before hand and it is recommended to bring a lolly or sweet drink if you are likely to feel faint.

Wear something comfortable and easy to access the tattoo location.

Do not get sunburnt before your appointment - if you come to your appointment sunburnt we may have to reschedule.

If you wish to use numbing cream, please discuss with the artist first.

You will be required to complete a medical consent form prior to your tattoo.

You can bring one additional person with you due to limited space.

Fine Line & Black/Grey Tattoo

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Photo Film Frame

Tattoo Aftercare Information

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It is important to take aftercare seriously as the healed tattoo is heavily reliant on correct aftercare. Remember your tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such to avoid infection.

If you have opted for second skin film follow these steps:

You may notice some fluid build up under the film, this is completely normal and will not damage your tattoo. If you notice any irritation or allergic reaction occurring, remove the film immediately and then continue with aftercare steps.

Take off the protective film up maximum 24 hours after first application, it is easiest to do this in the shower. Lift the corner of the film and then peel it back over itself (don’t pull upwards)

Give your tattoo a quick wash with warm soapy water

Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel and then allow to air dry

You can begin to apply aftercare cream 1 day after you have removed the film (recommend paw paw ointment, bepanthen cream or you can purchase a small container from the studio)

Only use a small amount of cream twice a day - a little goes a long way

It’s common for the area to feel itchy during the healing process, try not to scratch it until it’s fully healed. Lightly slapping the area can provide some relief.

Tattoo Aftercare Continued

Do not smother your tattoo in cream, it needs to be able to breathe

Do not let your tattoo get wet for a long period of time (a quick wash in the shower is fine but do not let it soak)

Do not swim in pools, creeks or the ocean until all peeling is complete (recommended 2 weeks)

Avoid the sun until all peeling is complete (recommended 2 weeks)

Do not pick at the scabs/flakes as this can pull the ink out

Avoid animal contact to the tattoo area until fully healed

Always wash your hands when applying aftercare cream or touching your tattoo

To help avoid fading, wear sunscreen on the tattoo when in the sun once fully healed.

All About Lip Blush

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What is Lip Blush?

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that can enhance the colour and shape of your lips and give the impression of more fullness.

After healing, the results are soft, shaded colour that can enhance your lip symmetry, cover uneven pigmentation or scars and give you the appearance of bigger, fuller lips.

How is it done?

After your colour has been selected, your lip shape is precisely mapped and approved by you to ensure you are happy. Pigment is then implanted into the uppermost lip tissue with a very fine needle using a cosmetic tattoo machine.

The colour is layered under the skin with tiny pixelated dots creating a very natural finish.

Is it Painful?

Would you believe it? Many clients fall asleep during the procedure and say the discomfort can range between a 2 - 4 out of 10 as an indicator.

Due to the gentle and low pain technique used at Little Venus Studio, no numbing is required and preferred. However if you have a very low pain tolerance we can discuss numbing options to ensure your maximum comfort.

What to Expect?

Your Lip Blush will be performed over two separate sessions to build up saturation and address any patchiness that may occur during healing or colour modifications.

*Some clients have amazing retention from the first session

and do not require a second session.

Initial healing takes about 7 days and includes some peeling and dryness, the lips may look a lot lighter once peeled, however over the next 6 - 8 weeks the colour will fully bloom and develop in your lips, at which point the second session is scheduled.

The colour will heal 40-60% lighter than the immediate result.

How long does it last?

After two sessions, most clients can expect to get 2-3 years out of their lip blush before fading.

However everyone is different and certain lifestyle factors such as medications, smoking & sun exposure can cause your lip blush to fade faster.

Lip Blush

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Photo Film Frame

Things to know before & after your Lip Blush appointment

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Pre Care - Lip Blush

After Care - Lip Blush

Healing Process - Lip Blush

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Pre Booking


It is preferable that you book a free consultation prior to your procedure to address any queries or concerns you may have, especially if you have had previous lip Blush tattoo, have dark pigmentation to neutralize or uneven lips.

This will allow me to assess your lips to prepare for the best results and to ensure we are a good fit.

If you would prefer to book your full session directly online - Please email me some photos of your lips neutral face and smiling with good natural lighting.

A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to secure your spot which will be deducted from the full amount on the day of your appointment.

Rescheduling within 48hrs of your booking will forfeit your deposit. You will be required to pay another deposit in order to re-book.

I allow a 3.5 - 4 hour appointment window for each client.

Please arrive 5 minutes early. If you’re 30 minutes late without notifying us - you’re considered a no show and forfeit your deposit.

Cold sores are a risk of lip blush tattoo if you have had them in the past. If you have had a cold sore in the past, we advise for you to go to the doctor for an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure as a preventative. This must be taken up to 1 week before, the day of, and 4 days after your procedure. Even if you have not had a cold sore before, we recommend all clients take L-lysine 2 weeks before the appointment and 2 weeks following the appointment to reduce their risk of a possible outbreak as sometimes the procedure can trigger an outbreak even if you’ve never had one.


  • Those under 18 years of age
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • People taking blood thinners (must stop 4 weeks prior to procedure, please advise your doctor)
  • People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the site is to be treated
  • People with allergies to makeup or pigments (If in doubt we can perform a patch test)
  • Those with transmitted low blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis
  • Active skin cancer in the area to be tattooed
  • Have undergone chemotherapy recently, must have completed at least a year
  • If you are hemophiliac (a bleeder, delay in clotting of blood)
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure or had mitral valve disorder unless given a written release stating that you have permission to have the procedure done. This is a weak valve in the heart, and any type of infection will go straight to this area.
  • Allergies to numbing topical agents
  • Those on any skin medications such as Accutane or Steroids which tend to thin and over sensitize the skin. Must be off for at least a year.
  • Smoker, leads to less than optimal retention. Dark lips caused from smoking may actually be necrosis. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, limiting blood flow and cutting off circulation to tissue. Couple this with already limited vessels, and the area around the incision can be left without proper blood flow to the area, leading to tissue necrosis.
  • Currently have a Cold Sore outbreak or have had an outbreak approximately 3 times a year (Outbreaks compromise color retention leading to more touch ups. It could also cause the body to be stressed causing more outbreaks.)
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Lupus
  • Active Vitiligo
  • Severe Rosacea
  • Blood Disorders: Sickle Cell, Hemophilia
  • Keloid Formation
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Pre Care


For optimum results and colour retention of your Lip Blush tattoo, we strongly recommend that you follow these pre care instructions.

  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils, vitamin E, niacin, or drink excessive alcohol at least 48 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Do not consume caffeine 24 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Do not take any prescription blood thinners at least 48 hours prior to your procedure.
  • Discontinue any vitamin A skin care products (Retin-A, retinols) close to the enhancement area at least two weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Discontinue use of AHA (chemical exfoliation) skin care products close to the area to be tattooed at least one week prior to your procedure.
  • No laser or electrolysis on or around the treatment area one week prior to procedure.
  • No Botox or fillers in our around the lips 4 weeks before the procedure.
  • Do not have any chemical peels, dermabrasions, mesotherapy, or any other intense treatments which will cause faster skin cell rejuvenating and cause skin irritation 3-4 weeks before procedure.
  • If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you MUST wait at least one year before considering this procedure.
  • It is highly recommended that you avoid SUN and TANNING BED exposure for 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your procedure. If you show up for your appointment with a new tan or a sunburn, you will need to reschedule and will forfeit your booking fee. As your skin exfoliates from a sunburn, it will take the pigment with it.
  • Exfoliate your lips the week leading up to your appointment – you can use a lip scrub or create your own by using salt or sugar mixed with coconut oil.
  • For the week leading up to the appointment, you must moisturize your lips with a quality lip balm as much as possible and stay hydrated.
  • Avoid matte lipsticks the week before the treatment as these tend to be very drying for your lips.

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After Care


For optimum results and colour retention for your Lip Blush tattoo, we strongly recommend that you follow these after care instructions. Half of the healed results relies on the proper care of your new tattoo.

  • Keep the area clean by gently wiping with a baby wipe every 30 minutes for the first 3 hours to remove plasma and fluids.
  • After eating and drinking, clean area with baby wipe and apply aftercare balm with clean hands or a cotton tip.
  • No kissing etc for at least 3 days - this is an open wound, you want to minimize risk of infection / sharing bodily fluids during healing time.
  • Avoid whitening toothpaste for 7 days.
  • If you use skin care products with active ingredients, be sure not to get product too close to your lips as this can affect color retention.
  • No Smoking during healing process as this can cause pigmentation and darken the lips
  • Apply the aftercare balm with freshly washed hands or a cotton -tip. Use the balm very sparingly. Too little is better than too much.
  • Blot off excess with a clean tissue. Never touch the procedure area without washing your hands immediately before.
  • Do not scrub, rub or pick at the epithelial crust that forms. Allow it to flake off by itself. If it is removed before it is ready, the pigment underneath it can be pulled out.
  • Do not use any makeup on the procedure area for at least 7 days. Purchase new makeup if possible, to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.
  • Always use an SPF moisturizing lip balm after the procedure area is healed to protect from sun fading.
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Healing Process

What to Expect

This process takes patience. Lips can look darker and duller during the healing process, it's okay & it's absolutely normal.

Week 1: lips are bold in color, tight and toward the end dry.

Week 2: dryness will start to subside lips start to look dull and perhaps uneven

Week 3-6: this is different for everyone but lips gradually look darker but the dryness and outward healing is most likely finished. - no more flaking

Week 6-8: lips begin to settle and soften in color.

See you for your next session , this is rarely completed in a single session. Remember the patience part

Be sure to follow your after care, drink plenty of water (more than you want to) and avoid chemical makeup on your lips (lip sticks, retinols, harsh face cleansers).

The color will lighten then darken day by day. The true colour will surface at the 6-8 week mark.

Your lips will heal in three stages: Too dark - Too light - Just right.

Any adjustments to colour or unevenness will be addressed in the touch up session.

Hyperpigmented/Melanin-Rich Lips

Please keep in mind that camouflage of hyperpigmented and melanin-rich lips will take more than one touch-up session after your initial session. In addition, these clients do not have a complete say on what color they want at the initial session. I must neutralize the blue/purple undertones and use my professional judgment of color mixing to do so. Do not expect dramatic results after each touch-up session as this is a slow-building process. In addition, there is a risk of deeper hyperpigmentation occurring if aftercare is not followed correctly.

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